Companion Animal Hospital


Companion Animal Hospital offers a variety of excellent veterinary services to meet the needs of you and your pet. Click on the links below to learn more about specific options.

General Veterinary Services

Companion Animal Hospital of Fountain City focuses on preventative health services, including preventative health education, pet monitoring, complete physical examinations, and routine parasite and disease screenings to help identify issues before they become major problems.

Although we certainly do provide pet vaccinations for common diseases, our primary preventative focus has shifted toward dental care (including cleanings) and consultations on nutrition, weight management, and behavior.

We look forward to serving your family, and in the event that further treatment or consultation becomes necessary, we will gladly refer you to local vet specialists.


If your animal companion does become ill, we offer diagnostic (both in-house and outside laboratory), therapeutic, and surgical services, as well as in-patient hospitalization. For any medical situation than requires greater expertise or specialization, we typically make recommendations for another clinic well-suited for your companion’s needs.


During preventative health visits, we offer consultations on behavior, nutrition, and pet management based on our past experience and training. During each consultation we do our best to answer all your questions or point you to experts who can.

Pain management

Pain management is one of our primary focuses here at the pet clinic because effective pain management often results in faster-healing, more comfortable, and happier companion!

Unfortunately, animals cannot tell us when they are in pain, and in fact, they often mask their pain to their own detriment. Therefore, we recommend pain relievers for any animals that we believe might be suffering from a disease or experiencing pain post-surgery.

Routine Laboratory Screening

Though incidents of heart worm and parasite infestation in dogs have gone in recent years, we still recommend the following annual screenings and provide them as part of our veterinary services:

  • fecal parasite
  • heart worm
  • complete Blood Count,
  • abbreviated Serum Profile
  • urinalysis

For cats, we recommend the following:

  • an annual fecal screening
  • feline leukemia testing
  • feline immunodeficiency virus testing
  • complete blood count
  • abbreviated serum profile
  • feline heart worm antibody test
  • urinalysis

Some of the diseases that plague older animals—that is, medium-sized to small animals greater than 7 years of age—have limited treatment and pain management options. Therefore, we usually recommend more extensive laboratory testing for older pets, so that we can detect diseases and manage them earlier and thus better.

We do have in-house capabilities for running other diagnostic tests, including urine evaluations, complete blood counts, serum blood profiles, and individual diagnostic tests. Some in-house tests we recommend for pre-surgical screening, and others we perform if an animal needs more immediate results due to urgent illness.